Not sew crafty, but I’m getting there.

I am a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Too many things pique my interest, so I can never focus on any one thing….Gocco printing, amigurumi, cooking, baking, photography, diaper cakes, origami, rubber stamping, embossing, scrapbooking, underwater basket weaving… You name it, I wanna try it…

I have been less than stellar at sewing and I have always wanted to learn the real way to sew instead of just doing a sloppy job out of necessity…

As a birthday gift, a friend signed us up for a beginners sewing class at SewCrafty where we’d be making an apron. No, not an adorable Jessie Steele type of hostess apron, but a utilitarian canvas type of apron…we’re talking basics here y’all!!

Brown and blue to match the decor in the apartment!

Hot-glued the buttons on. We were short on time…

Look Ma! I sewed in a STRAIGHT line! Yay!

And I even used a decorative stitch on the machine!

I can’t wait to start more sewing projects!! I need my very own sewing machine first…


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