Roasted Ricotta Roma Tomatoes

That’s a lot of alliteration! I was browsing through my blogs on Google Reader and came across this recipe on Pioneer Woman.

Memorial day was coming up and it seemed like an awesome side dish to accompany all the grilled foods.

Start with 7-9 Roma tomatoes, depending on the size. Seven if they’re on the big side, eight or nine if they’re on the small side. Scoop out their innards with a spoon and discard (unless you can find a use for it. I couldn’t.)

Sprinkle each one with a bit of sea salt or Kosher salt. This will serve two purposes. It’ll season the tomato and it will purge out the excess water, which will make a BIG difference when you’re roasting. Turn them cut side down on paper towels or a kitchen towel.

While the tomatoes are purging, make the ricotta mixture. Stir together the ricotta (16 oz container), garlic (I used pre-chopped), parsley, basil (I used dried), salt & pepper.

Place about 15 Ritz crackers in a Ziplock baggie and roll over it with a rolling pin until you’ve got crumbs. You can also just use breadcrumbs (homemade or store bought). I like the crackers because they’re nice and buttery.

Fill each tomato half with the ricotta mixture. You can level it off or mound it on, depending on how your tomato-to-ricotta ratio turned out. Smush each filled tomato into the crumbs.

Line them all up on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil, and bake at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes.

If you didn’t purge your tomatoes, they’d be swimming in tomato juices right now!

But you did purge them and they’re golden, creamy, and delicious!


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