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Homemade Banh Xeo (Vietnamese crepes)

The next item on our agenda was Banh Xeo, or Vietnamese crepes.

First, I roasted a pork tenderloin the night before:

We bought a banh xeo mix at the Asian grocery store. Just add water, coconut milk, and chopped green onions. It comes with a packet of turmeric, for color. My mom, of course, would have soaked rice and grind it herself…but we are lazy…

My sister painstakingly shelled and deveined the shrimp and steamed them.

Heat up a big, non-stick skillet and put in a heaping tablespoon of canola oil.

One ladle-full of banh xeo batter into the pan…

A handful of pork tenderloin slices, steamed shrimp, and as much bean sprouts as you like.

As soon as the edges are crisp and the bottom is golden, fold it over the filling and slide out onto a plate!

Serve with leaf lettuce, basil, cilantro, and any other herbs you like (such as dandelion leaves, purple basil, etc)…those are home-grown!!

Don’t forget the nuoc mam!

We also like to have some rice paper (banh trang) on the table to wrap it all up and eat, but lettuce wraps alone would be fine!