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McGriddles: Unwrapped

You either hate them or love them, but I’m a part of the latter camp who loves these quirky calorie bombs called McGriddles. Nutritionally unsound, these satisfy the tooth of all those who adore the combo of sweet and salty.

I was perusing Not Martha, when something caught my eye. SplatgirlCreates…McGriddles! My heart went pitter patter as I clicked the link and read the blog. I was a little disappointed with the end appearance and the result of her attempt at making the syrup blobs. I then went on to read many other blogs and the chronicles of those who have tried to conquer this elusive fare.

I was on a mission to make these at home myself and pare down it’s uber caloric contents.

Here are my accoutrement:

The first challenge was how to make those glorious little syrup blobs. I once saw a Food Network special about the McGriddle and how they used little syrup candy-looking chips. Obviously, the home cook can’t get our greedy little hands on these, so I googled. I found these mini maple chips, but I didn’t think that they would work. They looked too creamy.

So I squirted about a tablespoon of regular syrup into a silicone baking cup (for anti-sticking insurance) and popped them into the oven at 250 degrees, just to evaporate some of the water, and hopefully, yield a “syrup candy”.

Refrigerate until chilled. Pop them out of the cups and dice (with some pancake mix to reduce stickiness) with a very sharp knife.

The result: little syrup gummies! Kind of like a mini, syrup-flavored Turkish Delight.

I went on to cook the other items…turkey breakfast sausage patties and egg (cholesterol-free, fat-free egg substitute)…using my trusty Ateco round cookie cutter as a mold.

The last step was to cook the pancake buns using the round molds (and lots of Pam) and placing the “syrup gummies” onto the batter just before turning. I poked them down into the batter to prevent them from oozing out onto the pan.

I was  delighted to see the results! They looked way better than I imagined.

Assemble (with a slice of processed cheese, of course!) and bon appetite!

Here is an up-close image. You can see the syrup pockets.

We enjoyed these for a lazy Saturday brunch. I would call it a success, although the syrup blobs did not really remain as blobs…they kind of absorbed into the surrounding pancake bun.

Next time, I’ll make thinner sausage patties (less like sausage burgers!) and not fuss with perfectly shaped eggs. I’ll just make a big thin omelet and cut into pieces. I’ll also try another technique for the syrup blobs…maybe mix in some tapioca flour or cornstarch…


November 2020